Need to update your OHS machine ticket or become a qualified machine operator?

We can help to verify your competence (VOC) in the machines listed below. Contact us to find out how.

Code Description
RIIHAN308E Load & Unload Plant Machines
RIIMPO315D Tractor
RIIMPO316D Self Propelled Compactor
RIIMPO317D Roller
RIIMPO318E Bobcat
RIIMPO319D Backhoe
RIIMPO320E Excavator
RIIMPO321E Front end loader
RIIMPO322D Drott
RIIMPO323D Dozer
RIIMPO234E Grader
RIIMPO325D Scraper
RIIMPO315D Tractor
RIIMPO316D Self-propelled compactor
RIIMPO317D Roller
RIIMPO326D Water cart
RIIMPO336D Belly dump truck 
RIIMPO337D Articulated truck 
RIIMPO338D Rigid haul truck 

*** The participant must have access to the relevant equipment as Kase does not provide machines for testing purposes.


  • Niki from Cardno

    Cardno Construction Sciences have worked closely with Kase Enterprises for more than 3 Years. Steve Cusack has worked tirelessly to produce the most relevant training package available for soil testers in Australia. Kase Trainers have been soil testers and are passionate about the industry. They engage our technicians on their level and they understand their learning requirements too. There is a widespread preference within many of our Construction materials testing labs for using Kase enterprises because they turn out better soil testers and are willing to collaborate with employers to find the best training solutions.

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