MSL50116 - Diploma of Laboratory Technology

The Diploma in Laboratory Technology (CMT) qualification covers the skills and knowledge required to apply a range of laboratory technologies to conduct technical tests and sampling in most industry sectors.

Employment outcomes targeted by this qualification include technical officers, laboratory technicians and similar personnel.

Technical officers conduct a wide range of sampling and testing that requires the application of broad technical knowledge and skills, with substantial depth in some areas. Although technical officers generally work in a laboratory, they often work closely with personnel in other teams within a section of the workplace.

They may liaise with suppliers to troubleshoot product non-conformance at the direction of laboratory supervisors or managers. They gather information on non-conformance and events that may lead to the modification of workplace procedures. They may also demonstrate methods to others and train them to collect samples and conduct basic tests reliably.

This Qualification is an Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) Qualification

General Course Info

  • Course Time Frame

    New Workers: Maximum 48 months under Queensland State Government Traineeship program. Where the learner is engaged outside of the Traineeship program, the 48 months still applies. Where a course runs over a reasonable timeframe, all efforts will be made to assist the participant through to completion, some situations may entail cancellation of enrolment. Where a course runs over a reasonable timeframe, all efforts will be made to assist the participant through to completion, some situations may entail cancellation of enrolment.

    Experienced Workers: 2-12 months (estimate)

    *The length of time taken to complete this Qualification is a variable, this is a guide only.  Some may take longer or shorter time depending on variables such as availability, access to supporting evidence, work commitments and changing roles in the workplace.

  • Entry Requirements

    Prior Qualifications: Nil

    Employment: You must currently be employed in the Civil Construction industry or have had a significant amount of experience and access to paperwork to demonstrate your experience.

  • Funding


    Fee for service fees:  Each fee is calculated on a case by case basis, the minimum fee for this Qualification is $2500; where a learner would have significant experience and is not in a remote location.  The maximum fee for this Qualification is $5000. Travel and accommodation costs, where applicable, are additional to the minimum and maximum fee, this will be negotiated prior to enrolment via written notification.  The fee for service fees are split into 2 payments, maximum $1500.00 deposit prior to commencement and the balance upon completion.  The full amount of the fee for service fee must be paid prior to KASE issuing the Certificate.

    Fee for service deposits: There is a pre-paid deposit required for FFS Learners prior to enrolment, this is non-refundable after the cooling off period (see below).  The pre-paid deposit amount will not exceed $1500.00 on any given enrolment

    Refunds: FFS pre-paid deposit payments are refundable if requested within the cooling off period (see below), after this period, they are non-refundable.


  • Credit

    Where you have already achieved units that are equivalent to or higher than the units within this Qualification, you will be granted a credit when you submit a copy of your previous Qualification and when this evidence is verified.
  • Issuing Your Certificate

    KASE will issue your Certificate within 30 calendar days of completion of all assessment and paperwork requirements. Where you have not completed all components of a Qualification, you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment listing the units you have achieved in full.  These documents will be kept for a period of 30 years, and you can access them by requesting a copy directly from KASE.
  • Support Services

    Where applicable, KASE will direct you to the appropriate support services relevant to any support the individual may need that KASE cannot provide; this includes significant Learning, Literacy and Numeracy support needs or Government specific questions.  It is the responsibility of the learner to discover these costs with the relevant body.
  • Consumer / RTO Rights

    Consumer Rights

    The ACCC states that services must:

    • be provided with acceptable care and skill or technical knowledge and taking all necessary steps to avoid loss and damage
    • be fit for the purpose or give the results that you and the business had agreed to
    • be delivered within a reasonable time when there is no agreed end date

     Where a consumer considers these guidelines were not met, please refer to our Appeals/Complaints Policy found at 

    Please be aware that consumer guarantees do not apply where the consumer:

    • asked for a service to be done in a certain way against the advice of the business or were unclear about what you wanted
    • got what you asked for but simply changed your mind, found it cheaper somewhere else, decided you did not like the purchase or had no use for it.

    RTO Rights

    The RTO reserves the right to refuse engagement with a client where it sees it is unable to deliver satisfactory service, this might be due to location of the learner or exorbitant costs to the RTO, or for any other reason; this is at the RTO’s discretion. The RTO further reserves the right to refuse or withdraw enrolment where it has deemed the client unfit to enrol or where continuation of the course would result in non-compliance with the relevant Standards, State Bodies or Qualification requirements, or for any other reason the RTO sees as significant.  Where this situation would occur, the RTO will notify the appropriate party via written correspondence.  The recipient has the opportunity to submit a compliant or appeal using our Appeals/Complaints Policy and Procedure found on our website. Where this occurs, the issue will be dealt with through the established Appeals/Complaints Policy.

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Course Units

  • MSL50116 - CORE

    Unit code 

    Unit title 


    Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices


    Communicate with other people


    Plan and conduct laboratory/field work


    Provide information to customers


    Process and interpret data


    Use laboratory application software

    MSL925001 *

    Analyse data and report results *
    Pre-requisite MSL924001A


    Apply quality system and continuous improvement processes


    Maintain laboratory/field workplace safety

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  • MSL50116 - Electives (A)

    Unit code 

    Unit title 

    MSL905001 *

    Perform non-standard calibrations
    * Pre-requisite MSL904001


    Schedule laboratory work for a small team

    MSL925002 *

    Analyse measurements and estimate uncertainties
    Pre-requisite MSL924001

    MSL935001 *

    Monitor the quality of test results and data
    Pre-requisite MSL924001

    MSL935003 *

    Authorise the issue of test results
    Pre-requisite MSL924001 and MSL925001


    Maintain instruments and equipment

    MSL975007 *

    Supervise sampling, inspections and testing at construction sites
    Pre-requisite MSL954001 and MSL974002

    MSL975012 *

    Provide input to production trials
    Pre-requisites MSL974010 OR MSL974005

    MSL975016 *

    Perform complex tests to measure engineering properties of materials Pre-requisites MSL974012 and MSL973010

    MSL975023 *

    Supervise geotechnical site investigations
    Pre-requisite MSL974002

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  • MSL50116 - Electives (B)

    Unit code 

    Unit title 


    Maintain the laboratory/field workplace fit for purpose


    Perform calibration checks on equipment and assist with its maintenance


    Work safely with instruments that emit ionising radiation


    Participate in laboratory/field workplace safety


    Receive and prepare samples for testing


    Perform basic tests


    Assist with fieldwork


    Conduct field-based acceptance tests for construction materials


    Conduct laboratory-based acceptance tests for construction materials


    Perform site investigation activities

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  • MSL50116 - Electives (C)

    Unit code 

    Unit title 


    Perform standard calibrations


    Obtain representative samples in accordance with sampling plan


    Conduct geotechnical site investigations


    Perform physical tests


    Perform mechanical tests

    MSL974012 *

    Perform tests to determine the properties of construction materials
    Pre-requisite MSL973010

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  • MSL50116 - Electives (D)

    Unit code 

    Unit title 


    Develop and maintain laboratory documentation


    Manage and develop teams


    Supervise laboratory operations in work/functional area


    Maintain registration and statutory or legal compliance in work/functional area


    Manage complex projects


    Maintain quality system and continuous improvement processes within work/functional area


    Conduct an internal audit of the quality system


    Implement and monitor WHS and environmental management systems

    MSL975027 *

    Classify building sites
    Pre-requisites MSL973009 and MSL973010 and MSL974014


    Evaluate and select appropriate test methods and/or procedures

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