Civil Construction is the backbone of our country, it covers a wide range of specialist areas like road construction, pipe laying and plant.

We provide training & assessment in civil construction with emphasis on on-site & face-to-face training. 

Our specialist trainers can also provide experienced operators with machine tickets & VOC accreditation.

Civil Construction Training Assesment

  • What are the available courses?

    Certificate III in Civil Construction (RII30915)

    RII30915 course details on

    Verification Of Competence (VOC)

    • Roller
    • Backhoe
    • Excavator
    • Bobcat
    • + Many more ...

    Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision (RII40715)

    Suitable for current and prospective supervisors and foreperson.

    RII40715 course details on

    Certificate III in Plant Operations (RII30815)

    Suitable for machine operators.

    RII30815 course details on

  • What will I learn?

    After completing our Certificate III in Civil Construction the trainee will be able to work competently and safely in their chosen field. The training includes learning to read & interpret plans, measure and calculate material quantities, conduct basic leveling and operate small plant. 

    The Certificate IV in Civil Supervision will give the trainee the ability manage and direct civil construction projects from start to finish.
  • Where will we go?

    On Location: We have conducted training and assessment in a wide range of areas from Hobart to Cairns, Charleville to Mt Isa. Infact we can deliver training and assessment in all states of Australia and have even provided training and assesment in the Solomon Islands!

    We're prepared to travel virtually anywhere to ensure meaningful outcomes for the participant and their employer. However remote your location, chances are we've been there.

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  • Niki from Cardno

    Cardno Construction Sciences have worked closely with Kase Enterprises for more than 3 Years. Steve Cusack has worked tirelessly to produce the most relevant training package available for soil testers in Australia. Kase Trainers have been soil testers and are passionate about the industry. They engage our technicians on their level and they understand their learning requirements too. There is a widespread preference within many of our Construction materials testing labs for using Kase enterprises because they turn out better soil testers and are willing to collaborate with employers to find the best training solutions.

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