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We are KASE Enterpises, a Brisbane based Registered Training Organisation providing training and assessment in the Civil Construction & Construction Material Testing Industry.

Initially estabilished after identifying a lack of training in the area of Construction Materials Testing (Soil Testing) we developed and delivered the first ever Nationally Accredited Certificate in Construction Materials (Soil) Testing in 1997.

After developing the first course, we expanded into other areas of the Construction Industry like Road Construction and Maintenance, Pipe Laying and Road Marking. Once our Certificate III was established, we worked to expand the qualifications available for Soil Testers and as a result developed the Nationally Accredited Certificate IV and Diploma in Construction Materials Testing. The Certificate IV and Diploma courses are specifically designed as a career path for worker's in the industry who have extensive experience and a desire to advance themselves in a career in the Construction Material Testing industry.

These courses are Nationally recognised and can be found on www.training.gov.au.


  • Niki from Cardno

    Cardno Construction Sciences have worked closely with Kase Enterprises for more than 3 Years. Steve Cusack has worked tirelessly to produce the most relevant training package available for soil testers in Australia. Kase Trainers have been soil testers and are passionate about the industry. They engage our technicians on their level and they understand their learning requirements too. There is a widespread preference within many of our Construction materials testing labs for using Kase enterprises because they turn out better soil testers and are willing to collaborate with employers to find the best training solutions.

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